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Kontakt: Burgstrasse 65 :: 5591 Ramingstein :: T: +43[0]699-18877074
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Welcome to Burg Finstergr├╝n

An old castle for young people

Castle Finstergr├╝n

Burg Finstergr├╝n ("castle darkgreen") is a youth hostel of the Austrian Protestant Youth Organisation. It is providing basic accommodation mostly for groups of children and young people, but other visitors (regardless of the religion) are welcome too. Burg Finstergr├╝n is open from the end of April to the middle of October.


RuinMore than 1000 years old

The castle is divided in two parts: the old part of the castle, the ruin, is more than 1000 years old and uninhabitable. A place for a campfire within the old walls of the ruin lets the young generation feel romantic like old knights and damsels of the castle. The younger part - directly next door to the ruin - was built around 1900 in the style of the 13th century. This part houses more than 150 persons in 5 separate sections.

A unique experience

Great hall

Rooms of 1 to 12 beds with a toilet on each floor, washing rooms in the basement (one for boys/men and one for girls/women) and a lot of other big and tiny rooms for residence let the guests feel well. More than 100 meters walk along the battlements, a lot of stairs and spiral staircases, 3 courtyards within the castle, a big meadow behind the castle and a dark wood around the castle complete the unique experience Burg Finstergr├╝n.

accouterments of knighthoodIn the heart of Europe

Burg Finstergr├╝n is located on a steep rocky ridge in the town Ramingstein. Ramingstein is about 100 km southeast of Salzburg or about 240 km southwest of Vienna (the capital of Austria). You can reach the castle comfortable by train. The local train station is about 15 minutes away, the baggage can be transported to the castle.


Burg Finstergr├╝n
Burgstra├če 65
5591 Ramingstein
Austria / Europe

Contact information

For further questions or reservations please contact the Viennese office of Burg Finstergr├╝n (in english or in german language).

E-mail: info(at)burg-finstergruen.at
Mobil: +43 699/188 77 074

See you at Burg Finstergr├╝n!